Simulator Assessments

At V1Aviation we believe that all simulator training should be completed in as realistic an environment as possible – that’s why we always use full-motion simulators. While some companies may offer discounts for fixed base simulators, our instructors believe that it is impossible to truly prepare for your assessment, exam or check ride without immersing yourself in the environment.

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Bespoke simulator training

At V1Aviation all of our training is provided by instructors currently operating for major European airlines. We never use student pilots or simulator pilots to conduct our training.

Our simulators and instructors are available for bespoke training based on your requirements. We will discuss the level of expertise needed for a particular session and will plan accordingly.

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Jet Orientation Course

Our Jet Orientation Course is perfect for you, whether you’re just out of training or transitioning to jets from a career on light aircraft. Our course will give you the skills and knowledge to confidently pass an airline simulator check, and give you a head start for your type rating.

Our JOC is split into 4 Modules and has been crafted by industry experts to both refreshes your MCC skills and introduce you to the complexities of Jet Handling. We are proud that all of our simulators are full motion and certified by the CAA as level D. This ensures that you have the most realistic learning environment possible.

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License revalidation

V1 Aviation specialises in refresher training and license revalidations. At V1 Aviation you can prepare for your LPC/OPC or LOE sim check, in a professional and structured environment.

We have a substantial fleet of simulators, covering many aircraft types. All of our simulators are level D certified. We have a dedicated team of incredibly experienced TRIs and TREs who are committed to your success.

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Pilot Development

The course uses the latest aids to help you learn and it is constantly developing. We have combined our experience to offer you structures that work in the real world and allow you to relax, think clearly and ultimately make the right decision, even when under extreme pressure.

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